Herinneren en herdenken

English info War rembrance sites Roerdalen

Most war remembrance monuments of Roerdalen are public, so you can visit any time of the year. You are welcome to honour the remembrance of those who have fallen in World War II, no matter your background or nationality.
On the 4th of May often an official rembrance event will take place in the evening at one of the larger rembrance sites. These events are organized by the local community and can be attended by the community and anyone interested, who wants to pay their respects.

You will find international names on rembrance sites, names from people of Jewish origin (Herkenbosch), American and English (Montfort), Norwegian (forest Herkenbosch).
If you are looking for historic information on local events during 1940-1945 you can look for records in the Roerstreekmuseum in Sint Odilienberg (run by well informed volunteers) or in Gemeentearchief in Roermond (public archive, no appointment needed).

Every year on 4 may all people in the Netherlands commemorate all who have lost their lives in World War II by two minutes of silence. Where ever you are; at home, or outside, you can participate, stop whatever you were doing and join the silence on 20.00 p.m. You will not be alone in remembering, knowing that millions of dutch people will do the same thing at the same time, together with you.